GP 2013 – New Features for Distribution – Part 3

GP 2013 will be available 12/1/12, and includes new features and enhancements to Inventory Control, Purchase Order Processing (POP), and Sales Order Processing (SOP).

Sales Order Processing

Print back ordered items on picking tickets

You can use the Print Sales Documents window, the Sales Document Print Options window, and the Bulk Picking Print window to print back-ordered items on picking tickets.

Combine multiple fulfillment orders into one invoice

If you’re using sales fulfillment workflow, you can combine multiple fulfillment orders for the same customer onto a single invoice, simplifying the invoice for your customer. All the fulfillment orders must be at the same status in the workflow and contain the same bill to address, currency information, payment terms and commission details. 

Additionally, you can process fulfillment orders for a number of different customers at once, each creating a separate invoice. The new invoices and their corresponding fulfillment orders are given a new master number in order to link them together. 

Ship to address enhancements

An Address Name is added to the sales ship to address entry windows which can be printed on sales documents. This is helpful in situations when the name of the receiver of goods doesn’t match the name of the person ordering, for example, if goods are shipped directly to a vendor. An option for printing a phone or fax number on the sales documents is also added. 

An option for combining drop ship sales items onto purchase orders is also added. You can create one purchase order from one multiple-line sales order that contains different ship-to addresses, which is useful when you have a sales order for one company that is drop-shipped to multiple locations. Or, you can create one purchase order from multiple sales orders when you drop ship to multiple shipping addresses. This is useful if you have several sales orders and you’re drip shipping the same item to multiple locations and only one purchase order is necessary to purchase the correct quantity of the items.

View new features for Inventory

View new features for Purchase Order Processing (POP)

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