Company Overview

Our History

Tidestone Solutions was founded in 1988 as Gilchrist Scott, Ltd.  by Tobey Scott. In 1993, Sandy Wyman joined the company, soon becoming part of the ownership team, and refined the offerings of the organization from multiple business process system solutions to a more specific focus. In 2010 she became the sole owner, and has continued with her Constant Improvement Process to keep her team, company, and clients on the cutting edge of technology. The company changed its name from Gilchrist Scott to Tidestone Solutions in 2012 and has since nearly doubled the size of its team.


Our Mission

To improve the lives and businesses of our customers, employees, and partner organizations by providing effective software solutions and building relationships based on trust, professionalism, and respect.


Our Values

To our customers: We will earn your trust by being fair and honest in all of our interactions with you. We will provide quality products and services that will improve your business. We are committed to working with you for the long term, to transcend the vendor label and become your trust partner.

To our team: We will create a fulfilling and flexible work environment that supports a balanced work-life priority.

To our Community: We will invest time and experience in the areas for which we are capable, in an effort to be responsbile and involved members of our national community.