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There may not be an announcement heralded with trumpets and drum rolls. There may not be a press conference on a national news network. And it may not be a sold-out headliner at Madison Square Garden in New York City. But within the Microsoft Dynamics GP ...Read more
Microsoft Dynamics GP : 6 Tools to Enhance Your Experience
First, let’s get the names of the product and the partner straight. In 1988 Back then, Microsoft Dynamics GP didn’t exist. But its predecessor, Great Plains Software did. Back then, Tidestone Solutions didn’t exist. But its predecessor Gilchrist Scott did. In 2018 Today we have a company called...Read more
Microsoft Dynamics GP : Your Future Is Safe in Our Hands
Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying "change is the only constant in life." No kidding! I’ve even lost count of how many times the name for GP has changed from its origins as Great Plains Software to its current iteration as Microsoft Dynamics GP. No wonder companies...Read more
Microsoft Dynamics GP + VicinityBrew = A Match Made in Craft Beer Heaven
What brings people together? Shared interests, common goals, chemistry… Those are exactly the forces that brought Microsoft Dynamics GP and VicinityBrew together. The only difference being that they are computer software programs and not human beings. If you harbor any doubts about a computer’s ability to love, I recommend you...Read more
Business Process Change: Out with the Old, In with the New?
In our personal lives and in our work lives, there are times when choosing to replace old habits, when we choose change…often with trepidations. And there are times when we choose to engage in new, unfamiliar situations because there is a promise of future benefits. Business Process Change is one...Read more