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Building a Sustainable ERP Solution
Sustainability is a hot topic these days. People talk about sustainable development, sustainable energy, and sustainable business models. But rarely, if ever, do you hear people talking about sustainable ERP systems. Why is that? Perhaps it’s because so many ERP solutions are not sustainable. They become obsolete in a matter...Read more
Microsoft Dynamics GP: Getting So Much Better All the Time
When I got my first look at the newest release of Microsoft Dynamics GP, all I could think about was Paul McCartney singing “I’ve got to admit it’s getting better, getting better all the time.” In the case of Dynamics 2018, the “it” in “it’s getting better” could refer to...Read more
Microsoft’s New Dynamics 365 Has Entered the Craft Beer Market
Old News: The craft beer market is exploding. New News: Microsoft Dynamics 365 has entered the craft beer market. At this point you’re probably asking: What does it mean for you as a brewer? And the answer is … Even more functionality! For decades, Tidestone Solutions has been...Read more
Distributors Take Heed! Lock down Your Supply Chain with Microsoft Dynamics GP
Securing your supply chain is not about physical locks and chains, or biometric recognition, or key codes, or complex, ever-changing passwords. Rather, it’s about tracking and managing your production, inventory, orders, and vendors. It’s about making sure that your distribution sources and networks work efficiently and effectively so that you...Read more
Ignore those Rumors! Microsoft Dynamics GP Is Forever Young
Yes! It’s a popular song title. But can you name the artist? If you say, Bob Dylan, you’re right. He recorded it in California in November 1973 and the song first appeared (in two different versions, one slow and one fast) on Dylan's fourteenth studio album, Planet Waves, in 1974...Read more