Does Microsoft Dynamics GP Do That? The Answer Is Always YES!

Dynamics GP is so feature rich that many businesses need nothing more than the out-of-the-box functionality to efficiently run their business. Other businesses find that the out-of-the-box functionality might not do everything you want it to. So, what if you could make Dynamics GP even smarter for your business? Tidestone Solutions is capable of developing or customizing anything you wish. All customizations and development projects can be upgraded or scaled up and down to fit your needs. See some options listed below:

Some larger-scale development work that Tidestone can produce for your specific industry to save you time and money in the long-run:

Functional Websites:

  • Time Entry and productivity tracking
  • Service dispatch
  • Service Technician Tasking

Custom Billing Solutions and Integrations:

  • Higher Education Student Billing
  • Employee Benefit Billing
  • Maine Care Billing Solutions

Integration with other industry specific applications:

  • Point of Sale solutions
  • Purchasing and Inventory systems
  • Work Order systems
  • Fuel tracking solutions
  • Marijuana plant tracking systems



Simple customizations that can make a world of difference in efficiency, lowering overhead costs, and increasing your business's productivity:

  • Adding or hiding fields
  • Defaulting data into specific fields (Batch ID’s, Buyer ID’s, GL Accounts, Document Numbers, and more)
  • Integrating Dynamics GP with your other applications, databases, spreadsheets, and API’s
  • Pushing data to other applications and/or pulling data into Dynamics GP​​
  • Integrating with on premise or cloud hosted applications and eCommerce websites​
  • Connecting Dynamics GP to Windows desktop applications
  • Creating new Dynamics GP Windows for data entry that’s currently in a spreadsheet
  • Automating your repetitive processes or reducing the number of keystrokes
  • Customizing reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Excel, Management Reporter  


The top five things to consider when customizing and developing solutions for Dynamics GP:

  1. Create a solid business process first, and apply your software solution second
  2. Document the scope of the project you wish to accomplish and create a Use Case to communicate your requirements to your Dynamics GP partner
  3. Work with a Dynamics GP partner that knows Dexterity, as this is the language that Dynamics GP is written in
  4. Create a test environment and have your users test the customization with real data
  5. Be creative! If you think a process can be improved with a customization, you are probably right!


To learn more about the customizations and development that could improve your business process, contact Tidestone Solutions today!